Wednesday, 4 January 2017

What is Science?

The Scientific Method

Steps of the Scientific Method. (n.d.). Retrieved January 5, 2017, from

The Scientific Method is the rules experimentation, observation and questioning. It can be conducted through a series of steps,

  • Ask a Question
    • Asking Questions will help define your topic  and give you a direction
  • Do Background Research
    • Before starting, doing background research can help you to strengthen your direction.
  • Construct a Hypothesis 
    • A basis for your experiment
  • Test with an experiment
    • Experiment to prove your hypothesis or to change you hypothesis
  • Procedure Working?
    • To determine whether your experiment is proceeding correctly
    • No
      • Troubleshoot procedure and go through all the steps 
    • Yes
      • Go to Analyse
  • Analyse Data and Draw conclusion 
    • Analyse to see if the results line up with the hypothesis and draw your final conclusion
    • Results align with Hypothesis
      • Success in proving your hypothesis 
    • Result Align partially or not at all with hypothesis 
      • Modify your hypothesis to get a definitive answer
  • Communicate Results
    • Tell Peers and relevant authorities about your experiment results

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